Jul 01, 2013 04:06 pm
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Nadini replies to readers' opinion "Nadini Premadasa is in the limelight because of money"

     Singer Nadini Premadasa who came into the spotlight because of Super Star programme, yesterday participated in the Trithal Music Programme broadcast over Rupavahini responding to what outsiders said about her.

    When the Rupavahini camera team in the programme  questioned passers-by whether they know of Nadini Premadasa, one of them replied, "I know of Nadini Premadasa .... but I don't like her songs very much". Another had said, "She has money no .... because of that she can become popular. So she can be seen prominently on all channels. That is with her .....".

    Nadini, after watching all this criticism from the studio expressed her views in this manner:
 "I get good responses. I get bad responses also. But that is good because it is difficult to get to know about reactions from outsiders.   But I like to correct one thing .... that I am in those channels because of money. I'm not thinking of that of course .... because I can't come into this programme by spending money. I think that it is our Reality Show that became the most popular show in Sri Lanka, by now. I had to participate in about every round at the elections ... because when we sang, the whole of Sri Lanka began to talk about it .... criticised it .... and like in elections there were rumours that began to spread. But one thing I can say, now it's 6 years since the Reality Show. Throughout that6 years I came into the spotlight as Nadini Premadasa because of my effort and dedication. Because of that response to me, if there was anybody who did not give me his or her vote now say when they meet me that they didn't vote me because they misunderstood me those days and that they don't do so now.
 I'm happy. Once in a way there should be such criticism.

Below is a video of this programme  

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