Kataragama devotees fed with dog meat
Jul 16, 2016 01:26 pm
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Kataragama devotees fed with dog meat

Information has come to light that ‘devotees’ to Kataragama for Esala festival are being fed with dog meat, supposedly with other wild animal meat, in a more organized manner this year.

This has been going on secretly for some time, but an investigation shows a considerable increase in the racket now.

Chief incumbent of Kiri Vehera Ven. Kobawaka Dhamminda Thera says dog meat was being given to people coming in search of wild animal meat.

He urges all Sri Lankan Buddhists not to engage in this sinful act of selling and eating meat of any kind.

Investigations point to a place near a jungle at Dambe Road close to Waturuwarama Rajamaha Vihara at Sella Kataragama, where stray dogs caught from the sacred city are brought and kept until they are killed for meat.

As a result, there has been a considerable decline in the number of strays in the area, reports Niranjan Chaminda Karunatilake.

Area residents have found gunny sacks filed with the heads of the killed dogs.

Waturuwarama Rajamaha Vihara’s chief incumbent Ven. Denagama Dhammaratana Thera said Buddhist society has now fallen to a very low ebb, and the entire nation would soon face grave peril.

Chief of Sella Kataragama Gana Devale U.C. Dissanayake noted the curse of eating animal flesh would remain with them forever.

Government authorities in the area say since killing wild animals was prohibited, ‘devotees’ were either made to or forced to eat dog meat.

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